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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


On the website you can find the SALE button, plus we are offering a yardage sale (excluding sale items).  If you purchase the same fabric in yardage, you get the added bonus of:

1 -3 Yards @ 25% OFF

4 - 6 Yards @ 30% OFF

7 - 9 Yards @ 35% OFF

10+ Yards @ 40% OFF

Because my system does not allow me to do % OFF as a sale, please enter all your data and I will change the items with their %OFF before processing the order.  This would be like changing the shipping prior to processing the sale. I know I am asking you to trust me but, your savings will be worth it!!!

Margie's favorite new item is the new Color Card Deck!  Break out the Color Wheel with 200 cards to Mix, Match & Plan!  It includes Hues, Tints, Tones, Shades & Values. Cost $29.96

We are looking forward to opening the Brick & Morter store in early 2024.  Currently, you can order off the website or we can arrange a meeting at the storage unit.

Some of the classes are scheduled on the website and more will be coming.  If you don't see what interest you, I am asking that you give us a friendly call and put in your request.

Wishing you and yours a bright, healthy, and prosperous New Year!!!

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